Thursday, November 13, 2014

perfection in the mess--my life.

Today was a PERFECT DAY. You, know the kind of day, where you feel like you've been given second, third, one millionth chances?!! It was perfect counts and blood work. Luke was asked to be seen by his/our fav. doctor, just to SEE him, not to check him,not to poke, prod, question, worry, just to say hi and get a little Lukey love. Can you imagine??? In a world so busy. Blessed.
Then, I had the utmost privilege to bring sweet Pranay a doggy hat he requested, and he liked it!!!! He went to sleep upstairs, and rumour were, that Lukey Love hats made the recovery room stop and look. Blessed are the little things we do, to love others. We all need and want to be loved, to be special, to be thought of, to be cared for. I always am slightly embarrassed by my lack of true skill and crochet ability when offering kids hats, but my heart is in it, and that's what they feel. I felt like a crochet queen being able to offer a little compassion through the stitches I made for these heroes. ---The staff (Molly Penny, etc.)even said they purposely send my hats to the kids in other hospitals away for transplant!!! I felt honoured!!!

THEN, Luke had a blast with Jeff, uncle Jeff, the volunteer...his friends, and the staff..and I had the chance to deliver a few more goodies to 4 North...up there, I was asked, okay, BEGGED...for more craft bags for the up and downstairs onc. rooms..our church, Trinity Bible Church of Ottawa (Mary Ruth Downs) has previously provided hundreds of craft bags for the kids in the onc. wards. I loved today. Today was not full of sadness..though there is much pain, and worry, and grief, there is much much hope. Little things CAN and do make a difference. We felt loved today, we felt worthy, we felt wanted, needed, appreciated and respected. ...and on the way home, played the amazing song 'Life is beautiful'---if this is borrowed time, we'll take it. If the other shoe drops, we'll enjoy a one footed hop..if it's not going to's great now..cause you never know..and time is precious.--

I almost forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The staff member I prayed for for the last two weeks, who was having very rough personal issues..and confided in me..I had had the opportunity to share Christ with her, and she knew nothing about God, his love, or the church..she went to church!!!! I gave her all the churches that she was interested in trying, according to her background, and she and her sister went! I have a feeling this stupid cancer world is NOT going to entirely crack me. Speak up, act in love, admit faults, love on others..and even when it all crumbles..the shattered pieces still have beauty.

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Nancy said...

God is sure smiling down on you today.