Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 5/6 of 31 day writing challenge

I didn't want to write yesterday.  I had been away all weekend, and there are a lot of other burdens on my heart, that it didn't feel right to write about me, my problems, my life.  I feel like I have a whole world of hurt going on around me, and there is nothing I can really do, but pray.  I pray in every thing that I do.  I am wondering how things can go smoothly, and flip so quickly.  Mostly, I just wonder why life is so hard for so many.  In the Bible, there is explanation.  There is explanation that because Adam and Eve disobeyed God, we would forever suffer, and you know, we do.  We all suffer in our lives, some more than others.  The thing we need to try to do, or to see, I guess, is that through suffering, we can come to understand how Christ himself suffered.  He was lied to, he was persecuted, he was forsaken, he was lied about, he was tortured, he was mocked, he was killed.  In our suffering, we come closer to the Lord, and we can empathize with others who are in dark dark times in their own lives.

I pray for the hurt to be taken from those I love.  Hurt of sickness, of lies, of mental health, or past and present abuse..I pray for healing, for full healing.

Today, I hope to be more still, to be still and KNOW HE is GOD.  I think the world we live in is so beautiful, so amazing, with so so so much pain at times.  Let me tell you, if you are in a good place, enjoy, lol.  There should be good times!  Appreciate the sun shine, the food, the wealth, or the job, the healthy relationship, or the healthy child..the home you have, the friends who care, the education, the life you have.  There are many many who suffer, and as we live, we learn to find joys, when the the joy is clouded, we need love and compassion..we need others to love us, as he loves us.

Don't forsake those who ache, reach out....reach and love, we can't endure these heavy heavy time alone...and we shouldn't have to.

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Nancy said...

God gave his only son for us so we can one day be at peace in his wonderful care. This world is not always fair....but in the end it will be. You are right this world is beautiful so much to see and do. Another one of my favorites.
Jeremiah 33:3
Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great aand mighty things, which you do not know.