Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 4 of the 31 day writing challenge

 A little insight into what steroids do..and with Leukemia are often put on high doses of steroids, Prednisone and Deximethasone during the years of treatments.  These are to help fight off the bad cells.  High high doses are used as chemotherapy.  So it's not like steroids in inhalers or what not, they are strong, and they are nasty.  You can see Luke here with red red cheeks...and that is a side effect.

 Usually after 3 doses (he gets two a day)--he starts to act different.  My other kids are very very much affected by this.  They see him going from normal Luke, to meanie Luke.  He can attack, and hit, and screams a lot.  He paces, and he cries.  He is constantly would be me making meals and foods every hour most days...and chicken legs, and all things salty.  I don't know how many kids ask for a popcorn maker as a main Christmas gift..but that is what he wanted and got last year for Christmas.
 This is Luke just after diagnosis.  He was on a full month of high dose steroids..which left him unable to walk, about 12 lbs heavier than his normal self, sweating, fevered, angry, sad and unrecognizable.  He was very depressed.
 Luke couldn't stand to see himself in pictures. I think he's lovely all the time. xoxoxox
 Jason and Lukey in Movember, 2011...he's come a long long way since then..but still, the monthly doses are extremely difficult.  We have to basically stay home for a 7 day stretch and see how things...go....

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I love you last picture Never Loss HOPE!!!!