Thursday, September 4, 2014

Homeschool, week one back at it!

 Oh my goodness, it's back to school!  My kids are not that enthusiastic to start school again.  Except my two year old, who thinks she's going somewhere, every single morning, when we yell at the other 4 to 'GET DRESSED, IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL."

So I know a lot of families do homeschooling differently, that's the whole point!  We always forget to order our books on time, so now they have their fancy amazing computerized Math program, but the other programs..are probably in the mail.....

They have had time to do creative writing in place of the Language Arts program we are waiting for.  Bible reading, in place of the the Bible curriculum, which also has readings. 
Apparently all the chewing on the head set for the French program means--we need to buy new headphones/speaker thingies.  Sigh.  Social Studies we have...and then there is the PLAY TIME--free time, home time...this a little snippet of an average day here....The first pic is of them playing board games, they spend hours making up games and playing board games too.

 Jacob is 4, he's a Ninja, but he is also Batman, the Green Lantern, the Green Ninja, and Spider man.  I am always Wonder Woman, or Bat Girl.  Sometimes I am Yarn Girl, or Dish Girl, or even Run Girl.  Jacob is J/K level..we do work, but nothing too drastic on paper, we learn a lot by mammals give milk to their young, have fur or hair..and 'wear shoes.' um, ya, okay Jake.
 This is Gabriel, being the bad version of Uni Kitty!  He's always busy writing stories, making Lego creations, doing 'extra math' because he is smart and keen, and wants to get ahead of his sister --- ha!!! He also is constantly playing with our neighbours--who also have 5 and homeschool.  Yes, it's a club, lol.

 Here is mom.  I have little explanation, other than it's been over 11 years of doing this..and it's still fun, and tiring, and fun!
 Here is the big girl.  She is brilliant, creative, messy, helpful, and full of ideas.  She reads EVERYthing under the sun, can take care of four younger sibs, and is my best buddy.

Here is the main man, Mr. Lukey.  He's learning this year....He's behind a bit I admit, chemo fog and steroid interference.  He's reading a lower level than this teacher-mama would like, but he's very very smart in so many other ways.  I'm working hard to finish up his Grade One, so he can begin Grade Two.  He's loving to do just a little work, and lots of play in his days.  He so deserves to enjoy life. 

Oh, and Rebekah!  Dear sweet toddler...the one who shoves toilet paper down the sink drain, has accidents on the floor, who steals 'raw chicken fingers' off the counter when I'm making dinner, who shakes oats on the floor, crushes crackers while nakey, actually, she's always nakey...the terrible twos aren't that terrible.  Just really really really messy...and busy.

That's the first 3 days...only three days of school!  Tomorrow is a chemo day, and I bring Luke to Ottawa for his IV chemo.  The other kids will do all their work here with Nan, and Rebekah will do her best to tear the place apart.  Then we will be all crazy and impossible next week, as he gets his steroids starting tomorrow as well, they are 5 days of high dose, and then it takes about 3 days post, to clear his system.  It is usually a write off week..every month...

It's NOT easy, it's NEVER quiet, NEVER clean, and I'm beat.  I love it.  We all have choices, some things are choices at least.  I chose years ago to Homeschool, and there are days, every single day, that I can I get them to 'real school.' lol...but....I do love it.  They can read a lot, they can play a lot, they can start when they please (has to be by 9 am, but can be sooner!), they can relax when they feel sick, and they can be  together, and with me.  They do chores, clean, help out, they help bake, harvest the garden.  Oh so much time together...oh gosh, sometime way too much time together....

Homeschooling during Luke's hardest times, was a real life saver.  Seriously. My other kids being mostly here, avoided a lot of infectious diseases that can really harm a ped oncology child.  Here's to another year of homeschooling!

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Mandy Ulcar said...

Sounds like crazy but fun chaos! Keep ot up Sarada!