Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When you say nothing at all

When you say nothing at all, is one of the BEST Alison Krauss songs I have ever heard. sigh. I wish I could sing like that.  I tell you to do what you are supposed to do, and maybe you listen, and maybe you don't.  Maybe you need to find your own way in life and make the mistakes we all make.  I sure know that I have made plenty.  When I offer my advice, I am only hoping to save you from yourself.  From that anger that rises up and threatens to crash down..and actually, does crash down.  When I say nothing at you stumble and do you trip?

  I hate when you offer advice, but when you hold your tongue at times, I wish you would say something.  I think we never really can do it all on our own, and yetwhen we are helped, it brings on a love hate relationship. No one wants to be alone in their suffering, and no one wants to be exposed in their weakness.

When a heart is disturbed, broken, or plain old aching, and you know that heart is aching, and yet you look, but say nothing at all..what does that say?  Does it say, I know, but I wont say.  Does it say, I don't know, so I wont say.  Does it say, I pretend I don't know, so I don't have anything to say, seeing as I pretend I don't know.  I guess it all depends, doesn't it.  I am a chatty person.  I say it all...mostly.  I mean, if I know you are needing to talk, I am likely to pry it out of you..and if you are not needing to talk, I may pry it out, and offend you.  I can't stand the though of the hurt growing like a cloud ready to storm down.  When you see the eyes of that someone, that person that's dealing with more than they can manage. More than they need.  More than is possible, and we 'say nothing at all'  I wonder how much further back they may recede.

Yet..we all have our own crosses to bear.  Of course, some seem more burdensome than others, but we can not know for sure.  I see relationships planted, grown, flourish, yet sometimes, the soil for the relationship isn't quite right, or the tending isn't quite...careful enough.  Sometimes the relationships grow and reach the sky, and mostly I see they fall short, the crop dies out and and we wait for new seeds, or we let it be fallow for a year or see how the soil can recuperate.  I think planting slowly, carefully, and selecting a few seeds is often easier than throwing a whole handful of seeds to the wind and seeing where they fall and prosper.

When you say nothing at all...can often be a way of silencing the busy and the bustle, and when we wait in silence, then maybe we actually can hear.

I truly don't know..I say every thing at once, and throw seeds willy nilly.  But there is always time to learn.

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