Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How do you do it?

Oh my gosh, I can NOT do anything with 5 kids.  I try.  I fail.  I take them out, and they miss naps, I have 3 kids crying,  I have two ignoring my pleas for help.  I say words I should never say..I am failing at this.  I can not keep a house clean, I can not make proper meals, I can not rest, eat, settle, get anything done.  I'm home or I'm chaos.  I am chaos today, and I hate the disorderly side of life.  I think from here on in, I admit immediate defeat, and I stay home.  If you wanna see me, please call and come by, it's just too hard to take them anywhere!

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Nathan said...

I wrote something earlier but it didn't save b/c I wasn't logged in.... ugh... This is not as well worded but...
You are a truly awesome mother! You love your kids - you are there for them. They know that! We all have these feelings at some points - sometimes for a day, other times for weeks or months... We can NEVER measure up to what our ideal parent would be.
I remember our longest hour of the week being at Holy Cross. My suspicions about just how poorly behaved the children were (and how we handled it) were confirmed whenever 2 or 3 moms came up to us after Mass to let us know they enjoy the 'sounds' of the children and that it will get easier as they get older.
Well, it does get easier - less hands on - as they get older. Not sure that would be the case if we didn't persevere and keep taking them out though...
You are someone so many look up to with how you are handling the battle. Keep on keeping on. You can do it. Rely on your faith and let God do the work.