Friday, July 19, 2013


 I would rather live in a state of acute tenderness to one's suffering, than a stagnant, nonchalance to the agony of others.
  While you live in a world frozen in uncertainty, wondering--how can the earth can still turn, while you are petrified....
Should life really continue on, as grief engulfs?  What happened to the old traditions of mourning?  Where people were more aware and attuned to each others grief --as black was dawned and visual symbols put in place.
  The sorrow that envelops our people in our society is quietly hidden away by most and yet splattered via cyberspace with millions of 'likes' and 'comments' that console the soul for as long as it takes to click this action.  YET.....a neighbour, not connected, knows nothing of the house next door, and what threatens to swallow up the family there.
  My day is bright, but the darkness that surrounds so many I know smogs out the joy.  I push back.  I push these dark clouds to the sides shouting in silent prayers--"no, no I will enjoy..I will enjoy.  For, we have paid our price already, we are paying our price.  We pay a high price daily, and the joy we feel, it's ours to have...."
 I wonder too--did you?  Did you too agonize in the glory and the lovely while he, while we suffered immeasurably?  Is this how life plays it's games?
 Oh feelings and words can write sonnets and plays, songs and speeches--they seem to have no way of slowing down until they are put to paper.
 Endless nights, days, weeks we saw the same walls, peeling, sick places of the unfair and the unpredictable.  The sunny days I longed to escape.  The winter days, I missed home.  The birthday, the holidays, the days the world went on...and we did not.
 Our minds and hearts are forever changed, forever grateful for every health filled day, because no black is worn, no signs are hanging, we troop on and enjoy the glorious days for each of you continued on, and we are too.
 We have no choice but to live, live hiding the black, and smiling on, because each day is a day to live--live knowing there is great love, and great suffering running hand in hand.

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