Monday, May 13, 2013

SO, I'm the mom...

SO, I'm the mom who's got no make up on today and is tired and sick and just called my hubby to talk to a grown up, while yelling out the patio door to the 4 of 5 kids "trampolining" --"GET OFF THERE AND GET YOURSELVES ON TIME OUT! YOU ARE THE WORST KIDS IN TOWN!!"
SO, I'm the mom who made THREE batches of Kraft dinner today for kids who wouldn't even eat  it after it was made--I'm pretty sure that this is illegal, that  much Kraft dinner can't even be considered compost able, can it?? Will strange weeds grow in the garden, and carrots with eyes???
SO, I'm the mom who moves furniture around the living room daily, to re create a new space, in the old space, without buying anything new, but feeling like things have changed...but they really have not.
SO, I'm the mom who checks her message a bazillion times a day, wondering who else is checking theirs as often, geez, don't they have better things to do?
SO, I'm the mom who is relieved Mother's day is over, so I can have a day where I don't have extraordinarily high expectations followed by plummeting lows.

I am a lot of other things, both good and not so good.  There is home made chicken soup for tonight, though they will not want to eat it.  There is homeschooling done for today, though they did not enjoy it.   There is laundry done, and things tidied up, children fed, and babies napped, there are prayers offered and prayers said and at the end of the day, it will have been a regular sort of day.  A day I can add to the others and they all look so good and picture perfectly scrapbooky in the future, as the then are all but passed...I do actually like today, and these days.  But like most things, when we are so close's hard to see the purpose and the good.

SO, I'm the mom who's son has cancer, and I'm the mom who's baby crawls to her, and I'm the mom who's toddler needs a squeezy hug, and I'm the mom who's shy son needs encouragement, and I'm the mom who's growing daughter needs a good example.  SO, I'm the lucky mom who's just yelled out the patio door, who's got things falling apart around her, but who's got all the things she needs, if she can see past the chaos and focus on the treasures that gleam.
SO, I'm the mom who needs to 'can it', and get things back on track, apologize for my harsh words, and tell them how lucky I am to be "the mom."  ....BUT..
Cause...."I'm the mom."

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