Friday, April 5, 2013


Today was a sunny day, even though we woke up to a winter wonderland of April snow, the sun fought the clouds, and won victoriously! Yeah sun!
My kids had a busy homeschool day, where they tried their hardest to avoid school, but got it done none the less...I told them the new morning rule.  If you don't get dressed and start school by 9, no computer...after all these years of telling them, now they can tell themselves and be responsible.  We'll see what happens by 9 am come Monday morning!

Luke had a cranky/happy day.  I guess that's normal.  He had lots of attention as his Nan came and baby sat for an hour and a bit, and he got lots of computer time, and even played outside a bit.  I'm working on trying to hold and cuddle him more, as he wants a lot of snuggle time, after all, who doesn't?

The yard was full of kids this afternoon.  Running around the yard and fields that surround our house.  A yard full of screaming, and wet feet, battles and adventures.  It was pure joy to see them getting it out of their systems with the neighbourhood kids.  It was great to see them run like the wind and create new games, and get into outdoor mischief, which does NOT mess up the indoors! 

I feel really lucky that we bought this house.  It seems to be the perfect location for us.  We're in "town" but it's so country, that our whole back yard is surrounded by miles of farm fields.  We skii and play in the fields all winter, and spring and fall they are romping and stomping grounds for the kids and I.  Come summer, they're out of bounds as they are planted, and sprayed..yuck.  God certainly knew this old house and wonderful yard would be treasures for us. 

There are a lot of heavy thoughts weighing down my mind and heart, but I'm trying to push them away and fill my mind with happy thoughts and good things.  I'm angry and jealous, unforgiving and worried.  I'm afraid and hurt and disappointed. I'm petty and impatient and tired.  Very very very tired.  But in all this, I'll try and be more gentle with myself, to allow myself to get through the feelings and let them go...and not bottle them up and dwell.  Time heals all wounds...right?  It's one day at a time, and one foot in front of the other.

There are no good analogies or revelations in this post, and there are no words of "wisdom."  There are dishes to do, babies to console, laundry to fold, and snuggles to give!  It's a regular Friday night, and the Son shines on!

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