Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter ..and now what?

I feel like I should have some great post to write a post, but I don't.  I woke up feeling ...un inspired, so there it is.  I wonder so many times, if reading all the Facebook posts really is healthy.  It pretty much assures me that (with extreme exaggeration--and I had to google how to spell exaggeration--) that EVERYone in the whole wide world lives a perfectly happy, sunny,and vacationy life!  It's all so perfect, and "friends" are SUCH good friends, and all families are perfect, and all couples are happy, and no kids are a!  It's just me being silly..but at times, I long, big time for the days before Facebook, and my unhealthy addiction to peeking into other peoples lives..and fake-booking my way through my own...oh ya, Easter is the topic....

We had Easter, it wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it was okay.  I made it to church with my mom, and 3 kids, which is pretty successful for us.  I didn't bring Gabriel as he has been unwell a lot and picks up every flu from there..and Luke...I didn't want to take any chances. (We were also very blessed to have friends come by for a visit on Saturday, which TOTALLY perked up our spirits).  I missed my brother a lot on Easter, but feel privileged to spend holidays with my mom and dad!

We had a low key weekend with some yummy treats and some healthy foods, and did NOT go over board at all with the goodies...some candies from the bulk barn, and hid some eggs.  We've got too many kids to buy the big chocolate bunnies anymore!  

Luke  has been doing okay--he's got what another momcologist has called, the King-Tut syndrome...where he thinks, and acts like he's the MOST important person in the family.  He expects everything instantly, and acts quite spoiled, as I do believe we've spoiled him along the way of his cancer journey.  Poor guy.  He's got a lot to learn about re-integrating into the family and not being the sick kid. It could be worse, eh!

So, here is Monday, and I pray for silver linings on this wet spring day!

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Robina said...

I love that you're writing and sharing...openly, without fear of least I hope you aren't.

I want you to know that your words echo the very same thoughts and feelings I've been having lately. Imagine that! Yet, I'm not living one of the cruelest, biggest journey life has to throw at me. Know that what you're feeling is "normal" (what is normal anyway?) and that others are feeling exactly the same thing. 

Please keep writing dear Sarada, moms like me like to know that we're not alone in our unperfect worlds that don't fit the Facebook "mould".