Friday, April 12, 2013


Sitting here feeling BLESSED!
Luke first off is doing pretty good.  His tummy has been upset a lot, and he's always feeling a bit sick there, not sure what's up with that, but it's a lot of bathroom trips for him. Ug.  He's amazing me anyway with his strength and happiness and spirit.  He's really the kind of kid that is strong strong willed, so anything that makes him mad, or upset, gets him going...but I think that is what makes him a great fighter.  He's growing up, and I am thankful for this.  I think we'll always be battling with things for and with Luke, but that's our job, so we will have to face it bravely.

I emailed the coordinators for the Toby Mac concert we're going to in the first week of May, and they gave us "meet and greet" passes as I requested!  He's a Christian singer who sings really fun and happy songs that Luke loves and loved to listen to during some pretty hard treatment days.  I would play him on my phone on youtube for Lukey.  He's really excited to meet him!  He deserves it!

We managed to finish collecting and tagging and organizing the hats for our 1000 Hats for cancer campaign.  We got a whopping 1103 hats from everybody!  I can NOT wait to get them shipped off down to Ecuador soon.  I hope the sweeties there will be happy to have some gifts from us up here, and I hope a little smile comes to their faces when they know we love them and care about their well being.

That's the scoop.  Not too many outings for Lukey, mostly just staying home and playing with friends when we can. 

What's to come come spring?  More hospital visits and more chemo, more of the same..and more rest for Luke to recover.  He is also attending camp Trillium at the end of May for a family camp weekend, where Rebekah will celebrate her first birthday! 

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