Wednesday, March 27, 2013

simple day

It's a simple day when I can stay home and enjoy my kids.  There's nothing else simple about it.  There is still homeschooling, cleaning, working out, laundry, meals, fights to break up, crafts, snacks, diapers to change, children to bathe, you get the picture.  But the simple is in the mind..yes, my feeble feeble simple mind.  I set my day up for success by not sweating the small stuff, not aiming for perfection, and enjoying the simple.  A simple cup of delivered decaf coffee (thanks dad!), a simple play in the mucky yard (wet feet), a simple changing of winter to spring clothes --in this I am thankful for each season that Luke is well and here to share it with us.  A simple headache, ya, it's my excuse for this not so great post....
I can rest in the simple of the day, and let the anxiety, the chaos, the busy busy busy pass right on by..and in not glorifying those triggers of unhappiness, I can let myself enjoy the simple fact, that today I am alive and well, and that is simply----fantastic!


Anonymous said...

"A simple headache" - thank you for that thought. I had to apologize for yelling at my daughter today as my headache made me want to bite everyone's head off. Then I remembered the headache the crown of thorns must have caused. And your blog post reminds me again to put things in perspective. Thank you, Lord, for simple headaches and their redeeming quality.

Sarada said...

well, I always need to apologize and put things into perspective too, being hard work. hugs to you!