Tuesday, March 26, 2013

new day, new season,new hope

Today is the last dose of the Prednisone, yeah! It will take a few more days to be out of his system, but he should be back to himself by the weekend for sure.  It was NOT as bad this month.  He was mean, and irritable, and hungry, and all that stuff, but I think the family is learning to cope better.  The new tactic, is "walk away."  That seems to work.  Give him his space, and walk away.  He needs lots of cuddle time too, which can be really challenging with Rebekah and Jacob needing so much attention.  I am pretty much a person that lives to serve the little people here, but that's what mothers of young children are..especially when there are five home full time, always.

In any case, Luke is really happy that today is grandpa's birthday.  When I told him he was 71, he flipped out!   He said "WOW! 71! That's GREAT!!!!"  I still have so much to learn from my kids, their enthusiasm and their sheer ability to see the great and not always the great and tainted.  I think I focus so much on the flip sides of all things, that I find it really hard to just see the joy, and not the bitter-sweet.  When a day goes by that I am not entirely preoccupied in my thoughts with death, disease, suffering, cancer, sorrow and pain...I will let you know.  I have a feeling I'll be in the yard doing a lot of digging and soil turning this year to get my mind off of ...life and it's troubles.  Today I go to talk to my social worker, I'm not ashamed by this, I mean, if we take care of ourselves, then that's a good thing.  Going to the dr. the dentist, talking to someone, it's what people need to do to keep healthy.  Only who wants to do dredge up the "issues" and face them, out loud...ya, not so much, eh.

I pray that today is a great day, a sunny and happy day, a thankful and enjoyable day.  I am waiting on the hope and glory of HIM today as Easter approaches.

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Cheryl said...

Hey I like your new blog, your place to umm... let it all hang out. :) Praying for the peace that passes all understanding to fill you. Praying that the rest of this journey gets lighter. Cast your burdens to Him. Hugs!